The Next iPhone

When Apple presented the apple iphone 4 on 24 June 2010 it also altered the battery that remained in previous iPhone versions. The battery in the iPhone 4 either has 16GB or 32 GB capability. The apple iphone 4 battery substitute unit is a 3.7 V 1420 mAh Li-Polymer cell battery. Also the apple iphone 4 battery replacement is a bit less complicated compared to changing the batteries on the older versions 3G or 3GS as well as definitely easier compared to the iPhone 2G.

If you are at convenience with dealing with rather little digital systems after that you could purchase an iPhone 4 battery replacement set. This substitute package will consist of the battery, a plastic situation opening device to eliminate the rear panel which is occasionally called an iPod opening device, a Phillips head screwdriver dimension # 00 or as a few of the apple iphone 4s have an apple iphone 4 5-point screw, called pentalobe screws, you will need the iPhone 4 5-point screwdriver to remove those screws. The set must consist of an instruction page or provide you an on the internet site that has the substitute instructions in video or photo format.

When you visit replace the battery on the iPhone 4 you will should eliminate the rear panel and also remove the battery. You begin by seeing to it your apple iphone 4 is shut off. Then you take off the back panel by eliminating the outside screws near the port for the dock. Then you push the back panel to eliminate. Following you have to remove the screw attaching the battery connector to the motherboard. You have to take the battery connector up very meticulously so you don’t draw or jerk it off. Also get rid of the antenna get in touch with. After that you have to secure the battery using the plastic tab that is sticking up at the side of the battery. Once again this has to be preformed very carefully so you do not ruin anything inside the back of the iPhone. When you insert your brand-new battery you will certainly have to change this procedure. Obviously if you do it on your own you nullify any kind of Apple guarantee you may have.

Since Apple typically has a one year guarantee if your iPhone is less compared to a year old and also it will be if you bought it lately after that merely send it back to Apple for replacement as this is the most safe means to do it. Yet when you get the apple iphone back from Apple you will not have any kind of information in it so ensure you have supported every one of your information up with an iTunes backup. Ensure you back up your iTunes, contacts, pictures you wish to maintain, any sort of e-mail account setups, text you intend to save etc. If you decide to send your iPhone to a 3rd party repair location such as a web website that specializes in iPhone repair service you would get back your iPhone 4 with your information brought back in it. If you go this route you will have to keep in mind to send them any kind of unlock passwords as well. See how to unlock iphone 5s.

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